Unlocking Your IEPs’ Potential

Internationally-educated professionals bring valuable technical skills to their workplaces. Their lack of English and Canadian business culture skills, however, particularly the proper use of tone, intonation and non-verbal langauage, often makes them ineffective communicators and may damage relationships with their peers and supervisors.

Article published in Canadian Consulting Engineer June/July 2012.

Unlocking the potential of internationally educated professionals
Training can help internationally educated professionals understand the nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication in the North American workplace.

Article published in CanadaBound Immigrant, November 2012

Understanding the Nuances of English
Internationally-educated professionals (IEPs) may experience frustration in their workplace communications when they fail to understand the slight, often barely discernible differences in meaning ….

Article published in CanadaBound Immigrant, March 2015

Small talk can play a big role in your success in Canada

Small talk is a type of social communication. It is an informal type of conversation, and is usually made between people who do not know each other well or at all.

Improve Your Workplace English has helped me to build my confidence in my spoken English, including my pronunciation, maintain eye contact during conversations, improve my English through online study and update my resumé to make it more concise and readable.

Younis Al-Atari,  Mechanical Engineer at Fourmark Manufacturing

Improve Your Workplace English has helped me improve my written business communications (reports, memos, a technical paper), including my ability to write more concise sentences and use words in the proper context. Through the instruction provided by IYWE, my spoken English and vocabulary have also improved, as well as my understanding of the nuances of the English language and Canadian workplace cultural issues. I appreciate the dedication, integrity, expertise and ability of IYWE to learn and apply technical terms.

Jin Dong Du,
Geotechnical Engineer at DeBeers Canada

Improve Your Workplace English helped me improve my written business communications, particularly e-mails. Through IYWE’s instruction, I learned how to write more concise, accurate English sentences.

Safari Agabs
IT Specialist, IAMGOLD

Working with Improve Your Workplace English has helped me improve my speaking and conversation skills, and build my confidence when approaching potential clients. My vocabulary and pronunciation have also improved so people understand me better.

Harry Sarvaiya
B.Eng., REMAX Broker