Are You Concerned about Your Employees’ Communications and Work-Culture Skills?

Line managers and owners

If an internationally-trained employee needs “soft” communication and/or work-culture skills that will allow him or her to “shine” in your organization”:

Improve Your Workplace English can help by

  • Assessing the employee’s language and Canadian work-culture skills to determine which areas (pronunciation, intonation, grammar, vocabulary) need improvement
  • Developing a personalized work plan (syllabus) designed to improve these skills through a combination of in-person meetings, assignments and/or long distance support
  • Helping the employee to:
    • express himself/herself more clearly
    • build confidence in giving information and making presentations
    • understand ‘indirect’ language – directions, requests for improvement in regard to their performance (e.g. “I think this needs more work …”)
    • develop strong work relationships with co-workers and supervisors – by building ‘soft’ communication and work-culture skills
  • Providing ongoing support as needed whenever and wherever convenient for the employer and employee(s)
  • Giving an evaluation of the employee’s progress in improving his/her communication skills and understanding of Canadian workplace culture