Do You Have Excellent Technical Skills but Have Not Moved Up in Your Workplace?

If you are frustrated with not being given opportunities to advance professionally, moving from a “technical” to management role in your company, and undertaking more responsibilities like writing business reports or making presentations to clients, or if you have ineffective relations with your co-workers and others ….?

At Improve Your Workplace English (IYWE), we can help you:

  • Express yourself more clearly in speaking and writing – by focusing on pronunciation, intonation, grammar and vocabulary
  • Feel more confident about your presentation skills – by providing tips on and practice with making effective presentations and maintaining audience interest
  • Understand messages at work that may be difficult to interpret – by focusing on tone, intonation, pronunciation, vocabulary and body language
  • Build strong relationships with co-workers and clients – by developing clear communication, small talk, teamwork, conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Develop the ‘soft’ communication and work-culture skills you need to advance – by focusing on networking, small talk, teamwork, tone, and other communication skills