Have Managers Come to You Regarding Their Employees’ Communications Skills?

Human Resources professionals
Many organizations expect their Human Resources team to provide recommendations on ways to help employees become more efficient in their roles.

Often, this involves internationally-educated professionals, who may be highly skilled and qualified technically, but whose “soft” skills, including communications and teamwork, and work-culture skills are not adequate.

Improve Your Workplace English can help by:

  • Working with you to help assess the employees’ skill levels and competencies
  • Developing a personalized work plan (syllabus) for improving these skills
  • Engaging an experienced Canadian business English and workplace communications coach with a business background and strong knowledge of workplace culture
  • Providing ongoing on-site support on a one-on-one or small group basis to:
    • improve the employee’s spoken, written, reading or listening English skills
    • build awareness of workplace culture and communciations
    • enhance their ‘soft’ skills to complement their technical skills and help them contribute fully to the organization