As an internationally-educated professional, you already have excellent qualifications and technical skills.

Have you ever:

  • Received a negative performance review or confusing feedback about your performance
  • Not spoken up in meetings because you are unsure of your communication skills
  • Had a conflict with a co-worker due to a misunderstanding
  • Been asked to rewrite memos or business documents several times
  • Given a presentation and felt people did not really understand you
  • Felt uncomfortable starting or maintaining a casual conversation with co-workers or supervisors
  • Been ‘passed over’ for a promotion although your technical qualifications met or exceeded requirements

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Are you a line manager or company owner with an internationally-trained employee who is technically skilled and yet:

  • His/her spoken and/or written English is not easily understood, leaving co-workers and other frustrated
  • S/he does not speak up or share information in meetings due to limited communication skills or work-culture issues
  • You need to assign someone to proofread and correct the employee’s emails, memos and reports to make them more concise, clearer and more accurate
  • S/he has trouble relating to others in informal and formal situations

As a result, this employee remains working at a technical level and is not promoted to management or ‘client-facing’ roles.
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Are you a Human Resources professional or someone in a support function who has ever encountered any of the following:

  • A line manager has asked you for help with an internationally-educated professional (IEP) employee who is not “promotable” due to poor communication skills
  • Gender or other conflicts between an “IEP” and his/her co-workers or supervisors (for example, refusal of co-workers to work with the employee due to communication or work-culture issues)
  • An internationally-trained employee who is frequently absent or late
  • High staff turnover in one department (for example, due to conflicts with an “IEP”

As a result, this employee is not fulfilling his/her potential. IYWE can help you by Learn more here.